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The following members completed a distance book, an event book, a bicycling book, and/or any of the special program books since joining the East Tennessee Wanderers. 

10 EVENTS 500 KM
Edna Feulner Kathryn King
Ted King Kathy Swartz
Al Lyons  
Mary Kay Lyons  
Peggy Payne 1000 KM
Peggy Underwood Ann Draper
30 EVENTS 1500 KM
Sherry Ball Linda Nelson
Linda French  
Beth Mencer 2000 KM
  Kathy Nash
  6000 KM
50 EVENTS Mindy Bonewitz
Gail Shanika  
  6500 KM
75 EVENTS David Bonewitz
Kathryn King  
Jerrie Mitchell  
  Sherry Ball - AVA Master Program
100 EVENTS with Irene & Mary Holden
Kathy Swartz David Bonewitz - 401K Challenge
  David Bonewitz - Centurian Finisher
  David Bonewitz - Old Spanish Trail
150 EVENTS David Bonewitz - SNOB
Ann Draper David Bonewitz - The Appalachian Trail
  David Bonewitz - Walking the 50 States
  David Bonewitz - Walking the USA A-Z
200 EVENTS Mindy Bonewitz - 401K Challenge
Kathy Nash Mindy Bonewitz - Centurian Finisher
  Mindy Bonewitz - Old Spanish Trail
  Mindy Bonewitz - The Appalachian Trail
  Mindy Bonewitz - Walking the 50 States
  Mindy Bonewitz - Walking the USA A-Z
225 EVENTS Kathryn King - 401K Challenge
Linda Nelson Linda Nelson - 401K Challenge
  Linda Nelson - Animal Safari
  Linda Nelson - Honoring Our Flag
  Linda Nelson - U.S. Freedom Walk
  Burt Paynter - 401K Challenge
David Bonewitz David Bonewitz 2X
Mindy Bonewitz Mindy Bonewitz 2X
  Ann Draper
  Kathy Nash
  Linda Nelson
  Kathy Swartz
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Book Colors
Green for 10, 30 & 50 Events
Purple for 51 to 600 Events
Rose for 601 to 1500 Events
Gold for 1501 Events and up!
Blue for 500 KM to 8000 KM
Orange for 8001 KM to 22000 KM
Yellow for 22001 KM and up!
Brown for Bicycling

Kudos to the ladies who were presented the AVA Girl Scout patch:  Mindy Bonewitz, Linda French, Jerrie Mitchell, Kathy Nash, Linda Nelson, and Kathy Swartz.

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Updated 11/17/19

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