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Join us for Fun, Fitness, Friendship, and Food!!!



We are an international organization offering self-paced physical activities, predominately walking, for all to enjoy. 

Routes are developed by clubs and participants track their accomplishments through event stamps kept in record books.  The low-cost incentive program rewards personal accomplishments. 

Trails are selected for scenic interest, historic points, natural beauty and walkability.  It is a great way to learn about the area, to get exercise, to meet new people and to have fun. 

Come and walk with us!




Plus $5 for a New Walker Packet

for those who are new to volkssporting. 

Club membership runs from January 1st to December 31st.

  • If joining between January 1st and June 30th, Individual is $10 or Family is $15.

  • If joining between July 1st and September 30th, Individual is $5 or Family is $10.

  • If joining October 1st or after, Individual is $10 or Family is $15.
    [Membership is valid thru December of the next year.]

To join the East Tennessee Wanderers, print and fill out our Membership Application,  then mail it to the address on the bottom of the application.


First green Event book for your first 10 events anywhere in the world.

First blue Distance book for your first 500 kilometers anywhere in the world.

3 coupons for free credit at events. These coupons are good only at events in the USA.

1 coupon for a free issue of The American Wanderer (TAW) bimonthly newspaper.

Booklet on explanations about Volkssporting.

1 coupon for 10% off your first purchase of AVA merchandise.

1 coupon for an event in May - National Physical Fitness and Sports Month patch.



After you fill up your event or distance book, make a copy and mail the original to AVA.  They will process it, then send back your award incentives and book. 

American Volkssport Association

1001 Pat Booker Road, Suite 101

Universal City, TX  78148 

In addition to the Event and Distance books, you can order Special Program books.  Check the AVA website at http://www2.ava.org/specprog.php for complete information, plus there will be some new programs starting in 2018 at http://www2.ava.org/futureprog.php.

Special Programs with end dates:

  • Alternative Capitals (12/31/16),

  • Amphitheaters (12/31/17),

  • Animal Safari (12/31/17),

  • Boardwalks (12/31/17),

  • Border Crossings (12/31/23),

  • Bridges -- Spanning the USA (12/31/18)

  • Cities in Song (12/31/16),

  • Doin' the Louisiana Purchase (12/31/18),

  • Food for Thought (12/31/17),

  • Honoring Our Flag (12/31/16),

  • Ice Cream Parlors (12/31/19),

  • Lady Liberty (12/31/18),

  • Lakes and Reservoirs (12/31/16),

  • Make a Wish -- Water Fountains (12/31/18),

  • National Parks Centennial (12/31/18),

  • National Register of Historic Place (12/31/16),

  • Points of Reference (12/31/18),

  • Special National Officer Book (SNOB) (No end date),

  • State Street Sashay (12/31/18),

  • Take a Walk in a City Park (12/31/16),

  • Treasure Hunt (12/31/18),

  • Trekking With The Trees (12/31/16),

  • Underground Railroad (12/31/19),

  • United States Post Offices (12/31/16),

  • Vice Presidential Walks (12/31/18),

  • Volcanoes (12/31/17),

  • Water Towers (12/31/16),

  • Walking America's Ports of Call (12/31/18),

  • Walking the Paths of Inventions (12/31/18),

  • Walking the United States (50 States/51 Capitals) (No end date),

  • Walking the USA A - Z (No end date),

  • Walking the USA -- Street by Street (12/31/18), and

  • You'll Never Walk Alone (12/31/16).

Important Note:  Most programs allow the participants up to (12) twelve months starting from the official end date to complete any Special Program.



Plus, you can register to become a member of the American Volkssport Association (AVA).  AVA is America's Walking Club.  It is $25 for an individual or $30 for a family.  The membership form and additional information is at http://www.ava.org/membership.php.

Note:  You do not have to join AVA to join the East Tennessee Wanderers or to earn kudos for the event/distance books, but there are added benefits, such as:

Six issues of the newspaper, "The American Wanderer,"

Membership ID Card,

AVA Membership Discounts, 

Travel Discounts, and

Brochure/Form for the next Convention.


If interested in obtaining a club shirt

with the new logo, please go to News. 

Updated 00/28/17

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