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Read an article about the club that was in
 "The American Wanderers" or TAW.

The photo below won week #4 of the #LoveMyGreenway contest.




Members who have completed AVA distance/event and special program books are listed at Kudos.html.

Congratulations to the members/pets who completed the Club's "I Did A Walk" Challenge!!!  They walked at least 1,049 minutes from February 1st to March 31st.

Sherry Ball (17, 18 & 19) Ted King (18 & 19)
David Bonewitz (17, 18 & 19) Al Lyons (18)
Mindy Bonewitz (17, 18 & 19) Dan Lewis (17)
Barbara DeLisio (17, 18 & 19) Janet McCullough (17)
Mary Dieringer (17) Beth Mencer (19)
Ann Draper (17 & 19) Iris Mitchell (Dog) (17)
Heidi Ellsworth (18) Keith Mertz (18)
Kevin Ellsworth (18) Jerrie Mitchell (17)
Linda French (18) Joe Mitchell (17)
Margaret Houk (17) Kathy Nash (17, 18 & 19)
Patti Jelinski (17) Linda Nelson (17, 18 & 19)
Eileen Jennings (17 & 18) Patsy Shute (19)
George Jennings (17 & 18) Burt Paynter (17)
Rae Jones (19) Kathy Swartz (17, 18 & 19)
Kathryn King (19) Tony Turner (19)
  Martha Vargas (17)

AVA's Certificate of Service in 2018 -- Joe Mitchell

LETTER to the Editor from the Club's Vice President.

In the  February/March 2017 edition of the "The American Wanderers" or the TAW, there was an article written by our current Club President, Linda Nelson, and Vice-President, Kathryn King The article was about Gatlinburg and titled "Smoky Mountain Strong."

Special Congratulations! 

At the 2017 AVA Convention, the Club Founder was elected AVA President and the Club's website won Second Place!


At the 2015 AVA Convention, members from the club received recognition for service, club photography and the club website. 

  • David Bonewitz -- 2015 AVA President’s Award
  • Jerrie Mitchell -- Photography People - Second Place
  • Kathy Nash -- Club Website - First Place

AVA's Certificates of Service (2015):

Mindy Bonewitz Jerrie Mitchell
Eileen Jennings Joe Mitchell
Kathy Nash Kathy Swartz
Linda Nelson Ned Swartz

Fourth F -- Looking for something good to eat?  Check out the Progressive Picnic Recipes at Recipes.html.

Read the article about our club written by the past club president and published in "The American Wanderer" at AVANews.html.

SIX YEARS --Relay for Life of Blount County 2012 to 2017

Public Service Announcement

Per David Bonewitz, "On Sunday morning, April 2, 2011,  the East Tennessee Wanderers got a plug on a public service program, The East Tennessee Report. . .   It was fun taping the show with Frank Murphy of Star 102.1." 

If you want to listen to the program, this link will download an mp3 file of the show.

Updated 04/02/19

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